Week 34: On the Beach

To me the beach is one of the most peaceful places to be. It’s a place of constant movement; tides moving in and out, breezes blowing, and in the water the seaweed and kelp flow with the waves. This mandala started as a doodling; it’s when it was completed that it reminded me of the peaceful movement of kelp beneath the ocean surface.

Resurrection Mandala Design

Week 6: Resurrection

Prior to 2005 I had created to King Tut inspired mandalas. By 2005 I wanted to create another one. This one is my interpretation of a amulet/necklace worn by King Tut and on display at the Cairo Museum. The center scarab in this case represents Tut being carried off to the afterlife in a boat. The cobras and other scarabs are there to protect him on his journey.