22-14 Spinning

“Times might be tough,
your head and thoughts
might be spinning,
but I find it’s physically impossible
to do that spiral thing
when your mind is focused on
giving and creating opportunity.”

— Daryn Kagan

If something bothers you,
focus on the solution
or the desired outcome,
not the part that has you
spinning out in the middle of the night.

— Jen Sincero

“A billion stars go spinning
through the night,
glittering above your head.
But in you
is the presence that will be
when all the stars are dead.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke

This week’s MotW encourages us to be present in our center especially when everything else seems to be spinning out of control…like the calm space in the eye of a hurricane. The closer we are to the center, the less we’re likely to spin out and about.

The easiest, simplest way to center ourselves is to stop and consciously deep breathe; just 30 seconds can make a huge difference. Doing a quick round of Emotional freedom technique (EFT) can also help. Even quicker is what’s called Thymus Tapping (using fingertips or fist to tap on the sternum for a few seconds or more). Another valuable resource is Donna Eden’s YouTube channel. She offers a variety of 1+ minute videos on different energy medicine techniques. Here’s one she offers for stress:


The Mandala Lady

btw…here is after I finished coloring with the watercolor crayons (before I added water)


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