Week 34: On the Beach

“On the Beach”

On the Beach Mandala

“I am at peace when I’m on the beach.
I just close my eyes and I am there.

Thus far, I created one full-color version using color pencils:

On the Beach Mandala
“On the Beach” – 7.5″ diameter

To me the beach is one of the most peaceful places to be. It’s a place of constant movement; tides moving in and out, breezes blowing, and in the water the seaweed and kelp flow with the waves. This mandala started as a doodling; it’s when it was completed that it reminded me of the peaceful movement of kelp beneath the ocean surface.

The Message

On the Beach reminds us that true peace comes from within. We often think we have to physically go to some place, or perform a certain action, or say affirmations in order to find peace…as if it was something outside of ourselves.

Peace is ALWAYS within us. It is we who cover it up with our day-to-day lives, fears, and anxieties.

“There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.”
Mahatma Gandhi

While going to the beach for many of us appears to bring us peace, we need to know that that peace is already there within us. It’s our connection with the idea of the beach that triggers our association with peace. The beach is actually quite neutral.

If we went to a beach crowded with lots of people, blaring music and squealing, giddy children, we would be hard-pressed to “find” that peace. However if we went to a secluded beach where all we hear are the sounds of seagulls and the rhythmic crashing of waves on the shore, we more easily come into alignment with this environment that happens to more closely resonate with our own inner peace.

With a simple practice of mindfulness, we can continuously re-mind ourselves to consciously breathe into our inner peace. 

If we think about it, what’s the first thing we usually do when we arrive at a “peaceful” location? We usually take a deep breath, a big sigh, as if to say, “there it is…now I feel at peace.”

When we learn to make “peace be the way”, ANY location, ANY circumstance can be a “place of peace”…even a crowded beach.

And from this peace, we can more readily access and express our Divine Wisdom, Love and Joy.




  • “On the Beach” – available for sale


Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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