Week 24: Flare


Flare Mandala

“In my stillness, comes my peace and joy

I created one full-color version using markers:

Flare Mandala
Flare Mandala – 7″ Diameter

While meditating and thinking about my brother, Bob, this mandala design came to mind. Initially, I named this “Bad Bob”; after his music name. However, when I finished it the name “Flare” came to me and felt more appropriate. It reminds me of a tropical bromeliad plant that usually has reddish orange blossoms on top.

The Message

Flare encourages us to broaden our horizons, to expand and grow…making a new and improved version of ourselves at every opportunity.

At the same time it encourages us to shine our light, spreading it far and wide. When we all do this, how can darkness prevail?

So what does it mean to shine our light? It means to know and understand who we really are, being who we really are and knowing what we truly value. From there, we go forth doing that which makes our hearts sing. When we do this, when we live true to ourselves, our light shines automatically and brightly.

One way we can explore this for ourselves is to pay attention to the people in our lives. Who lights up a room when they enter? Who makes as happy to know them? Who inspires to be better people?

Now look at what makes them that way…self-confidence, inner joy, inner peace, courage, doing what they love, honoring their spirit. We too can know this same joy, peace, confidence, and courage…it just takes time and practice along with loving compassion for ourselves in the process. Know that with each baby step we take forward, our light shines brighter than before.

So as we go about our day, let’s ask ourselves:

  • Is what we’re doing allowing us to grow or does it keep us stuck?
  • Are we staying in our comfort zone or are we pushing the envelop?
  • Are we putting out true selves out there or are we wearing the persona that we and others expect us to wear?

The time has come for us to shine our light, spreading it far and wide for all to see.



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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