Week 6: Resurrection


Resurrection Mandala Design

“At all times, I choose peace”

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using color pencils

Resurrection Mandala
Resurrection Mandala – Full Color – 12″ Diameter

Prior to 2005 I had created two King Tut inspired mandalas. And by that time, I wanted to create another one. This one is my interpretation of a amulet/necklace worn by King Tut. The center scarab in this case represents Tut being carried off to the afterlife in a boat. The cobras and other scarabs are there to protect him on his journey.

King Tut Amulet from TourEgypt.net Web Site
image from TourEgypt.net Web Site

For this full-color version, I used only 9 color pencils, white, and a cool and warm version of blue, red, yellow and purple. All the colors you see came about from mixing various combinations of these colors. All the “beads” on both sides of the outer band, were individually colored in with these same colors as well.

The Message

In order to fulfill the message of this mandala, “at all times, I choose peace”, it requires us to be ever vigilant about being in the present moment…at all times. We need to make it a habit to continually ask ourselves questions like…what’s going on with me right now?  how am I feeling? am I at peace? Upon answering, then the next question to ask is…do I want to continue feeling this way? If not, then choose a different feeling. This mandala suggests that we choose peace. How do we define peace? For each of us it may be different depending on whether we’re talking on a global level or at the level of the individual. Here’s a definition that seems to encapsulate it best:

peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is not noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (unknown)

For this mandala, we’re talking about peace at the individual level…for without it, peace at the global level is fleeting and temporary. The quickest way to peace is to take a few  deep breaths, bringing our attention to the here and now. From this place we can better assess what’s really going on in this moment. We also need to look at any thoughts that prevent us from experiencing peace. Most often they are the source of our distress. If we were to closely look at what’s really going on around us we would see that any external activity however perceived is really neutral, it’s our reactive thought to the activity that generates fear, anxiety, worry, anger, excitement, etc. While taking deep breaths is a quick way to peace, it’s usually temporary. For long lasting, continuous peace, we need to change our negative thought habits. One way to do this is to adopt a powerful mantra from “A Course In Miracles“:

I could see peace instead of this. [lesson 34]

So starting today, check in as often as possible with how we’re feeling. If we’ve chosen anything to feel other than peace, then choose again. It just takes time and practice. Namaste


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