Week 5: Sacred Geometry

“Sacred Geometry”

Sacred Geometry Mandala Outline

Holy is Thy Name. Blessed is Thy Soul. Sacred is They Source.
All this and more, I Am.

For this mandala design, I created one full-color versions using color pencils

Sacred Geometry Mandala - Full Color
Sacred Geometry Mandala Full Color 12″ Diameter

After several years of creating mandalas, I learned of the mathematical phenomenon of the golden mean or golden ratio (phi) which can be found everywhere, especially in nature. I developed a golden ratio mandala template to use as my guide for creating/drawing my mandala designs. Throughout the construction of “Sacred Geometry”, I used the golden ratio to determine where to draw out different sections and their relationship to other sections (the triangles, the rays, the openings at the ends of the rays, etc.).

The Message

Quite simply this mandala tells us that we are all sacred beings regardless of outside appearances. So how do we explain our hurtful actions both to ourselves and to others? At some point in our human experience we put a veil* between ourselves and our sacredness, blocking our connection to our Holiness and our Source.

As part of our human condition, we all put up veils of fear and illusion in varying degrees of intensity and duration. These veils come into play usually after traumatic or life-changing experiences where we make some internal declaration (either consciously or subconsciously) vowing to protect ourselves from this ever happening again. With this veil in place we then put ourselves on watch for the potential of future harm. The more veils we have, the more defenses we put up and the further away we detach ourselves from our inner Sacredness.

And just as easily as we put them there, we can just as easily remove them. We are encouraged to remove the veils of separation from who we think we are to reveal who we really are: sacred spiritual beings sharing a human experience here on earth.

How do we do that? First we must realize that the veils are there and that we decide whether to keep them or lift them. We lift them by focusing on our Sacredness and the Sacredness of others instead of the illusion of our veiled selves. And for those we find particularly challenging to acknowledge as Sacred (including ourselves), just understand that they are coming from a place of fear, pain, and/or suffering and to bless them all the more.

A good practice to use is the term “namaste” either out loud or silently…or use one of it’s more common interpretations:

The Divine In Me – Salutes – The Divine In You!

(you can read more about it here: www.exploremeditation.com/namaste/)

“Sacred Geometry” encourages us to individually and collectively  reconnect with our own Sacredness. We all exist at varying levels of Sacred awareness. And while it’s tempting to want to help others re-connect with their own Sacredness…unless they ask for our help or guidance it’s best to leave them to experience their own journey to Sacredness. For who are we to judge their journey as being in need of repair or lacking in Sacredness.

The best we can do is to salute the Sacredness in us all while we each strive to live our own lives as Sacred beings.


*The concept of “veils” comes from “A Course in Miracles


joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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