22-15 Sacral

“Rituals, anthropologists will tell us,
are about transformation.
The rituals we use for marriage,
baptism or inaugurating a president
are as elaborate as they are because
we associate the ritual
with a major life passage,
the crossing of a critical threshold,
or in other words, with transformation.”

— Abraham Verghese

“I learned a few years ago
that balance is the key to a happy
and successful life,
and a huge part of achieving
that balance is to instill rituals
into your everyday life –
a nutritious balanced diet,
daily exercise,
time for yourself through meditation,
reading, journaling, yoga,
daily reflection, and setting goals.”

— Gretchen Bleiler

“Rituals are magical.”

— Andre Aciman

This week’s MotW combines the idea of ritual and creativity, which is associated with the Sacral Chakra (an energy center located about two inches below the belly button). It’s color is orange with an inspiring affirmation of: ”I am Creative.”

One of the definitions for sacral is “relating to sacred rites.” We are encouraged with this mandala to consider performing some type of ritual as a way to honor and consciously connect with our creativity in all that we do. It could be something as simple as lighting a candle beforehand, saying a little prayer, setting an intention for how we want it to go, eat an orange, have the color orange in view (an orange candle?), do some deep belly breathing, do a yoga pose that activates that area, or do a short meditation while focusing on the sacral chakra.

By incorporating ritual while focusing on our sacral energy center, we raise the vibration of the task at hand, giving us greater access to our expansive creativity.

“I allow my creativity to flow freely.”


The Mandala Lady


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