22-13 Be Outstanding

“To be outstanding,
get comfortable
with being uncomfortable.”

— Alrik Kondenberg

“Outstanding people
have one thing in common,
an absolute sense of mission.”

— Zig Ziglar

“If you want to stand out,
don’t be different,
be outstanding.”

— Meredith West

This week’s MotW challenges us to be outstanding in all aspects of who we are. We’re not talking about perfection, we’re talking about striving for excellence. We are encouraged to make it our mission to always do something better than the time before. It could get uncomfortable, it could get ugly or awkward, there could be some setbacks along the way, and yet the rewards of our persistence will make it worth it; like what a baby goes when learning how to walk.

Strive for Excellence


The Mandala Lady

Step One…


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