Week 19: Tut


Tut Mandala

“From deep within my soul to beyond all that is, I am

For this mandala design, I created two full-color versions using markers:

Tut Mandala #1
Tut Mandala #1 – 6.5″ Diameter

Tut Mandala #2
Tut Mandala #2 – 6.5″ Diameter

This mandala was inspired by the decorative lid of a small alabaster casket found in King Tut’s tomb. I love the multiple rows of detailed patterns painted on the lid which lends itself even better in mandala form…as if completing what was already started several thousand years ago.

Small Casket Lid
Alabaster Lid of 13″ x 6.7″ casket found in King Tut’s tomb (Photo “Treasures of Tutankhamum” Exhibition Program)

In coloring version #1, I picked the colors intuitively working from the inside out. With each row, I checked in with the mandala to determine what color to use next.

In coloring version #2, I used a pen & ink style of coloring. Using varying sizes of black markers to give depth, texture and contrast.

The Message

“Tut” asks us to explore the question: “who am I?”

On a superficial level, this question can easily be answered with labels like: spiritual beings, human beings, man, woman, adult, child, daughter, son, father, mother, spouse, architect, musician, minister, chef, teacher, firefighter, janitor, student, soldier and so on.

These labels describe the roles we play and/or what we do; yet they clearly fail to describe who we REALLY are. Taking on any of these roles is much like changing our clothes. As we change our clothes/roles, we tend to change our behavior/persona to match that which we are wearing. While the body stays the same, our outside appearance changes…much in the way the Tut mandala, at its core, stays the same, but the overall look of it changes with the changing of its colorings (version #1 versus version #2).

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” ~ Shakespeare

When taking on roles unconsciously, we forget that we are more than just the bodies we inhabit, we tend to lose the essence of who we really are.

So how can we allow ourselves to play these roles consciously, while maintaining the essence of our True Selves?…By being ever vigilant about remembering who we really are in any given moment.

Try this technique for experiencing Ourselves beyond our bodies:

  • Take time right now to become very aware of the body.
  • Become aware of the breath, the skin, the muscles, the bones, the organs.
  • Become aware of the senses: taste, smell, touch, sound, sight
  • Take 2-3 deep breaths.
  • With each inhale, feel the body fill up with oxygen…feel the energy of the oxygen spreading throughout the entire body, as if pulsating waves of light.
  • With each exhale, go deeper and deeper into the body.
  • Start to notice a subtle vibration emanating throughout the entire body.
  • Imagine it to be a duplicate copy of the body.
  • Imagine this duplicate body transforming into a body of light.
  • Now play with imagining this light body moving a few inches away from the human body, try it in all directions…each time returning back to the human body.

As we go about our day, practice noticing the difference between what we experience from the human body perspective and what we experience from the light body perspective. In essence, the light body is the spirit of who we really are.

As we go about deciding what roles to play or what to do, check in with the difference between what the human body desires and what the light body desires. What feels empowering? What feels diminishing?

The more in tune we are with our light bodies, the more we stay in tune with who we really are and what we really want.

So who are we, REALLY?

How can we define that which is undefinable into human terms? At best, we can equate it to some ideas we may already understand.

  • We are this life force, this energy, this spirit that temporarily becomes born into an earth body, a vehicle, that allows us to experience our full potential within the confines of this physical body while on this planet we call earth.
  • We are a single drop of water in an endless ocean. We are the collective body of every drop of water in this endless ocean; experiencing both our individuality and our Oneness in the collective.
  • We are the light that shines forth from the original source of all Light.
  • We are the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
  • We are creators of our own life experiences in the image and likeness of that which Creates all that is.
  • We are whoever we want to be in any given conscious moment; ever changing, ever growing, ever evolving
  • We are the infinite possibilities of all that is possible.

All this and much more…we are.



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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