22-22 Bubble

“Surround everyone you can think of
in bubbles of love.”

— Diana Cooper

“Look within.
Within is the fountain of good,
and it will ever bubble up,
if thou wilt ever dig.”

— Marcus Aurelius

Oh, for the wonder that
bubbles into my soul.

— D. H. Lawrence

This week’s MotW asks us to ponder the delight of watching a floating bubble dance about to wherever the wind takes it. It requires being fully in the moment to a enjoy them since a bubble’s life is short-lived. The joy it brings to people of all ages is an example of how we can approach all of our experiences: with awe and wonder…yes, even the apparent negative ones.

Why? Because like a jigsaw puzzle, the image on the individual pieces may be ugly, boring, pretty, and everything in between, but when they all come together they form a most beautiful image. So like all of our experiences, ”good” to ”bad”, they come together to form a well-rounded, full-spectrum life. This then gives us the proof that we can handle whatever comes our way, increases our confidence, compassion and empathy and thus expands our ability to help others who have yet to have these experiences.

As best we can, we are encouraged to be excited about what comes our way (maybe start with the small stuff), see them as bubbles of adventure; they maybe short-lived, yet they are amazing while they last.

“It’s hard to blow an ugly bubble.”

— Tom Noddy


The Mandala Lady

btw…forgot to take a mid-progress photo ☹️


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