22-21 Ebb and Flow

“I think the most dangerous word
in the English language is ‘should.’
‘I should have done this.’
Or ‘I should do that.’
‘Should’ implies responsibility.
It connotes demand.
Which is just not the case.
Life ebbs and flows.”

— Chris Pine

“There is nothing constant in the universe.
All ebb and flow,
and every shape that’s born,
bears in its womb the seeds of change.”

— Ovid

“I trust in the ebb and flow of the universe.
I trust that life’s bigger
than what I can see.
I trust that there is a divine order
beyond my control.
And I trust that no matter what happens,
I will be all right.”

— Oprah Winfrey

This week’s MotW reminds us that a balanced life consists of ebbs and flows. Sometimes we’re moving in one direction, other times another, and sometimes we’re stopped in between as we go from one to the other.

What we are to embrace is the simple concept that at our core, everything’s okay, we’re okay. Finding a way to be centered and grounded through the ebbs and flows of life are key to maintaining internal stability and peace. It’s a tall order and may take a lifetime to achieve. And that’s okay. Understanding and being aware of this puts us halfway there.


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s phase 1 (watercolor pencils before adding water):


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