22-18 Compliments

“I just think it’s silly
to be stingy with compliments.
If you see someone and they strike you
as beautiful in any way,
why not let them know?”

— Jill Scott

“I think you need
to love giving compliments
as much as you love receiving them.”

— Yami Gautam

“Become abundant
with your compliments to others.
We’re all so fragile,
especially when we put on a brave face.
A sincere compliment can penetrate
beneath even the most sophisticated
masks to soothe troubled souls.”

— Sarah Ban Breathnach

This week’s MotW inspires us with an easy and positive way to connect with others: giving sincere compliments. In color theory, purple and yellow are complementary colors. Side by side they each make their colors equally pop and shine.

Interestingly enough, most of us find giving compliments much easier to do than receiving them. We tend to discount them, put them down, or quickly change the subject. What we fail to realize is that we’re basically turning down a gift. In an indirect way, we’re actually putting down the person who delivers it.

When it comes to giving compliments, though, notice how those who accept them react. Most times it makes them smile, uplifts their spirits, and brightens their day. At the same time, it’s doing the same for us as we witness their reactions. It’s a beautiful exchange to experience on both sides.

For those of us that struggle with receiving compliments, instead of putting it down or making excuses, just say “Thank you”. No explanations, no justifications, no discounting. Just welcome it with a simple “Thank you”.

So this week (and from here on in), practice graciously receiving compliments as well as being more forthright in giving them out. It brightens everyone’s day. We can always use more of that.


The Mandala Lady

btw… here’s after phase 1:


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