22-11 Vortex

“The image is more than an idea.
It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas
and is endowed with energy.”

— Ezra Pound

“Our culture has long mistrusted the body.
It’s been seen as a confusing blend
of God’s handiwork
and the devil’s playground.
It is, rather, a vortex of intelligence.”

— Victoria Moran

“When you speak of the Vortex,
it’s not a place, it’s a state of being.”

— Abraham Hicks

This week’s MotW shares with us the idea of a vortex. By definition they are usually associated with whirlpools and eddies (a mass of whirling fluid or air). For our purposes we are invited to think of our higher selves as a vortex: a mass of whirling high vibrational energy. When we align with this energy we have greater access to insights, intuition, and guidance.

A simple act of deep breathing, silent meditation, or even a quiet walk in nature can bring us to this higher state of being.

From VisitSedona.com…here’s what they say about the Sedona vortexes:

[they] are thought to be swirling centers
of energy that are conducive to healing,
meditation and self-exploration.
These are places where the earth
seems especially alive with energy.
Many people feel inspired, recharged
or uplifted after visiting a vortex.

— VisitSeconda.com


The Mandala Lady

btw…here are steps 1-3


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