17-34: The Astrological Sign of Aries Mandala

Astrology Sign of Aries

In 2012 I created a series of Hyperbolic Tessellation Mandalas for the 12 signs of Astrology. I self-published them into a Mandalas to Color Calendar for 2013. A while back I started coloring them with copic markers and only went so far as what you see here.

Now it’s time to move forward with finishing this one as well as the remaining 11. So it looks like 12 of the remaining 19 weeks of 2017 will be devoted to finishing all 12 Astrological signs. How fun!

About The Astrological Sign of Aries – ♈

For all of the signs I used their glyph symbol as the tessellated pattern within the mandala. The ♈ of Aries represents a set of ram horns and when repeated in a circle it created a delightful flower pattern.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and rules the first house of personality and self-assertiveness. It’s a fire element (inspiration, motivation) and a cardinal quality (initiation energy, goal-oriented).

This mandala’s message to us:

“Start something new. Or, for something that you have been working on for awhile, take a new look at it, a new perspective, a different point of view. Either way, use the powerful pioneering spirit and fire energy of Aries to give new life to you, to your projects, and to those around you.”

About the Mandalas of the Week

Each week I choose one of my existing mandala paintings that wants to be upgraded OR create a new one and post it here. Throughout the week, I paint/draw/color/collage/etc it and post my progress on the Mandala of the Day. I post the upgraded version later in the week.

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

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