16-38: Fungi Fun Mandala

Fungi Fun Mandala by Maureen Frank

Download Mandala of the Week #38

Taking my inspiration from yesterday’s Mandala of the Day, I created my version of a turkey tail mushroom, known as trametes versicolor. I purposefully left of the “layer” lines for each section to give us all the opportunity to put within each “tail” that which we feel most inspired to do.

This Week…

Ponder within ourselves all the different layers that make up our being-ness: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, how would we represent these layers in this mandala?

Reflect on the labels we assign ourselves, such as the ones we use to designate our gender, relationship status, job titles, neighborhood status, ethnic lineage, etc. How would we reflect them and their influence our our being-ness?

We can keep it simple, or add words/lines/curves, draw in symbols, or do any and all kinds of other such things to express our being-ness layers.

Let it all hang out!

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

I would REALLY LOVE and appreciate seeing your colorings, and reading about your experiences…so please post in the comments below. Thanks 🙂

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