16-37: Orange You Glad Mandala

Orange You Glad Mandala by Maureen Frank

Download this week’s Mandala of the Week

What on earth does this design have to do with oranges or the color orange? When it first came to me I saw it as a whale diving into a volcano or a blanket about to be wrapped or unwrapped around a whale/fish. Again, what does that have to do with the color orange?

When I thought about orange as the color of the second chakra (sacral charka), the chakra of creativity, it occurred to me that I needed to change my perception of the whale’s direction. Instead of going in, see it as coming out, giving birth to itself, tail first—ouch! or how creative of the whale.

Helping people awaken their Creative Spirit became my mission, my purpose, over 15 years ago—starting with me. My mandala art and mandalas to color are some of the ways I fulfill that mission. This mandala, in particular, focuses more keenly on that mission.

This Week…

Dictionary.com defines “creativity” as:

the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms,methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

With the coloring or painting of this week’s mandala, some of things we can ponder and explore regarding our creativity are:

  • do we allow ourselves to be creative? (the arts and/or beyond)
  • or do we allow our fear of failure or ridicule keep us closed off to our Creative Spirit?
  • in what ways are we already creative?
  • in what areas would we benefit by being more creative?
  • what ideas/dreams have we yet to birth?
  • what actions can we take, large or small, to purposefully connect with our Creative Spirit? (hint: one way is by coloring 🙂 )

Let Gene Wilder’s captivating rendition of the song “Pure Imagination” inspire us!
(it’s one of my all time favorite songs—of course)

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

I would REALLY LOVE and appreciate seeing your colorings, and reading about your experiences…so please post in the comments below. Thanks 🙂


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