16-01: In the Air

"In the Air" - January 3, 2016
“In the Air” – January 3, 2016

With a new year, we begin a new chapter in the life of the “Mandala of the Week.” Every Sunday I’ll be posting a simple mandala to color with the intention of it being a meditation journal and part of my “Mandala of the Day” site.

Read the post, color the mandala, and write about your experience…or you’re free to do it any way that works best for you.

On Thursdays, I’ll be showcasing someone’s coloring of this mandala on my “Mandala of the Day” site. For lack of anyone else coloring it, I’ll post my own.

That being said, I would REALLY LOVE and appreciate seeing your colorings and reading about your experiences…so please post in the comments below. Thanks 🙂

In the Air

Download this week’s Mandala of the Week to Color

This week’s mandala asks us to take a look at that which we really want to do, be, have, decide, change, etc. and yet we somehow always keep putting it off (leaving it up on the air, so to speak) for some various reason or other…usually because of some fear disguised as a convenient excuse.

Are we flying around it, looking at it from every angle, maybe even looking like we’re actually doing something and yet it still alludes us? Here’s the thing, Dear Ones, we can see our potential, we know on some level we can do it, we have it in us otherwise we would be without that desire in the first place.

With this week’s MotW, we’re being encouraged to embrace it, to take a deep breath, to hold our noses and just dive in!

Action Plan

  • Pick something that you’ve been wanting but have been avoiding. It can be something as simple as cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen or as big as embarking on a whole new career or anything in between. It matters little, the approach is the same.
  • Before coloring, set an intention to connect with that part of yourself that tends to put the kibosh on what you’re wanting.
  • Color the mandala in any way you feel inspired to color it. Feel free to add whatever you want to it and around it.
  • Notice any insights that come through while coloring; they may also appear later in the day, in your dreams or from some “out of the blue” place. Just take note.
  • Write down your experience and any insights you received in the lines below the mandala…or anywhere else that suits you.
  • Take some action, any action, towards making what you want happen. And each day after, take another step forward.

Apply this action plan to as many things as you want!  The time is NOW to make it ALL happen!

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady



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