Week 33: Funny Face

“Funny Face”

Funny Face Mandala
Funny Face Mandala

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using
color pencils, acrylics and gel pens:

Funny Face Mandala
Funny Face Mandala – 4″ diameter; 5.25 sq.in.

The Funny Face mandala is one of a series of 21 asymmetry mandalas created over a 3-week period in autumn 2007. It began as a big doodle, then repeating the doodle shape within each section of the doodle.

My asymmetry mandalas come about by drawing in-the-moment inspired doodles.

This mandala received its name after I finished coloring it. I saw this bright, abstract, happy face looking back at me and I just had to name it “Funny Face”.

Materials & Process

I created this mandala while in meditation. I used the back side of archival mat board as my surface and prismacolor colored pencils as my medium.

For the “framing”, I adhered the with archival glue to a piece of 5.25″ square solid wood block which I painted with acrylic paints and gel markers.

I coated the entire piece with mulitple layers of non-yellowing clear acrylic gloss finishing fixative, and then 2 layers of liquitex gloss varnish.

The Message

Funny Face reminds us to re-connect with our inner joy. It’s always there. We just have this nasty habit of covering it up with so much seriousness that we forget.

We can begin this reconnection process with laughter. Along with it being good for the soul, Patch Adams (Gesundheit Institute) and Norman Cousins both proved that the body can benefit from it as well. WebMD writes about the medical benefits of laughter in this post: Give your body a boost — with laughter

Live by this credo: have a little laugh at life and look around you for happiness instead of sadness. Laughter has always brought me out of unhappy situations. – Red Skelton

Having trouble being able to laugh these days? Check these out:

  • Laughter Yoga …yes, this is for real 🙂
  • Visit my LOL Funny pinterest page… for images and videos that made me laugh out loud…especially these ones:
    • dancing baby
    • doggy brain freeze
    • baby laughing hysterically over ripping paper
    • stinking good fun (this one gets me every time)
    • crazy sliding cat
  • Watch LOL movies…here’s a list of some of my favorites in random order
    • Young Frankenstein
    • Blazing Saddles
    • Bridesmaids
    • Coming to America
    • Airplane
    • Raising Arizona
    • Beverly Hills Cop
    • There’s Something About Mary
    • The 40-Year Old Virgin
    • Duck Soup
    • Groundhog Day
    • A Fish Called Wanda
    • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    • Bringing Up Baby
    • His Gal Friday
    • The Producers (1968 version)
    • Tootsie
    • Some Like It Hot
    • Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
  • And when all else fails: funny baby videos

When we struggle with connecting with our inner joy, laughter provides a jumpstart. While in that state, we can easily transition to our inner joy. From our inner joy place, all possibilities open up to us that have eluded us before.

Laughter is an instant vacation. – Milton Berle

Plan of Action

When we find ourselves in a funk, procrastinating, fearful, etc., let’s take a time out for laughter, to re-connect with our inner joy.

Here’s a fun short video to get us started:

Spread the Joy! Let light-heartedness prevail!



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