Week 12: Portal


Portal Mandala Design

“Let me go deep within to find my true treasure”

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using color pencils

Portal Mandala

While doing a personalized mandala, this design came to me with the intention that it be a gift for all to experience. It is designed to be used as a meditation tool in order to access our own inner guidance deep within ourselves. Many portals exist within the design so that each time you meditate on it you can focus on a different section, each time providing a different experience.

The Message

The Portal mandala offers us a variety of ways to go deep within ourselves using the different sections of this mandala. In and of itself, a mandala is a portal, an opening, giving us a glimpse into itself, drawing us into it, so that we may receive its message and healing energy.

the center circle: direct and to the point. Take a deep breath, focusing on the center circle, with the intention of going deep within ourselves. In an instant we become calmer and more focused.

individual ‘flowers’: focus on the center circle of one of the ‘flowers’ while imagining its petals rotating in one or both directions. While focusing on the flower center, give your mind something to do like counting your breaths or saying “breathing in” on inhales and “breathing out” on exhales. Focusing on one of the blue/green flower tends to be more calming while the red/orange ones tend to energize.

hot air balloon: imagine the center circle being the “bucket” with the framework going up and around one of the outer ‘flowers’ (the balloon). We can now visualize ourselves entering the bucket and then riding the balloon as it carries us to our inner destination.

elevator: between the center circle and each of the ‘flowers’, imagine the pinkish purple sections as elevator doors…as if our view is from the ceiling looking down. We can now visualize ourselves entering the elevator as it lowers us to our deep within destination.

horizon: around the outer edge, in between the ‘flowers’ we are given a view of the horizon. We can visualize ourselves going deep within by flying over to and down into our inner destination.

With time and practice we become more comfortable and more confident with trusting our own inner guidance from deep within, which connects us with our higher self. While seeking guidance and counsel from those around us that we know and respect helps to inform us, ultimately we are responsible for making our decisions based on this information and on our own inner guidance.

Portal suggests that we start practicing these concepts with easier or simpler issues, building our confidence to bigger, more complex issues.

Our true treasure in all of this is our clear and open connection with our higher self…who at all times guides us to that which is for our highest good and in turn is for the highest good of all.


Where Can You Find “Portal”

Original Artwork

  • Sold to a private collection in Colorado



  • Portal Collection
    • Square Full-Color Art or Canvas Prints
    • Posters w/Message
    • Full-Color Greeting Cards (w or w/o message)


  • Portal Collection
    • Full-Color Clothing (shirts, jackets, etc)
    • Greeting Cards (5×7, 4×6, w & w/o message): Full-Color, B/W Cards to Color
    • Prints and Gifts

Red Bubble

  • Portal Collection
    • Color-Your-Own Cards – w/ and w/o affirmation
    • Paint-Your-Own T-Shirt (black design on light t-shirts)
    • T-Shirts: White designs on Dark T-shirts
    • Paint/Color-Your-Own Prints (black design on white canvas or print)
    • Full Color Square Prints


  • Portal Collection
    • Mugs: Paint-Your-Own and Full-Color (w/ or w/o message)
    • Full Color Greeting Cards (w/ and w/o affirmation)
    • Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards (w/ and w/o affirmation)
    • White Mandala on Dark Grey Greeting Cards
    • Full Color Pendants (w/o affirmation)

Want “Portal” On a Different Product?

While viewing these shops, if you prefer “Portal” to be on a different product, let me know. I’m happy to accommodate other options/ideas.

Thank you for your consideration and your continued support.

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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