Week 13: Fiesta


Fiesta Mandala

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using color pencils

Fiesta Mandala
Fiesta Mandala

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The Fiesta mandala is one of a series of 21 asymmetry mandalas created over a 3 week period in autumn 2007. It consists of two curvy lines…one of which started as a spiral. My asymmetry mandalas come about by drawing in-the-moment inspired doodles.

With “Fiesta”, we see, as if looking down from above, an abstract representation of a festive woman wearing a full, brightly-colored skirt, spinning around while doing a celebratory dance.

The Message

The Fiesta mandala reminds us to celebrate: celebrate ourselves, celebrate each other, celebrate life…regardless of what appears as reality around us.

This requires us to go back to the basics…remembering who we really are and celebrating it:

We are the Light of God, whole and complete just as we are

As these whole and complete beings, we came into this world, into these bodies for the main purpose of making the best of our time here…learning, growing, experience all that we came here to experience…all while helping others to make the best of their experience.

So when we find ourselves in less than stellar circumstances, remember to remember who we really are. We can easily achieve this by tapping or massaging the “Three Thumps” as demonstrated by Donna Eden and while doing so add this affirmation:

I am the Light of God, whole and complete just as I am

At the very least, tap or massage the thymus gland the way Donna demonstrates it…it calms us and helps us to be clearer and better focused.

And if we find ourselves faced with someone who challenges our serenity…after we remember who we really are, look at that person and remember who they really are:

You are the Light of God, whole and complete just as you are

The three variations of this affirmation give us a higher perspective of who we all really are, which is certainly cause for much celebration! When we take the time to tune into this higher perspective, Light-er heads prevail affording us access to our own inner guidance, showing us how best to move forward.

Ultimately, the Fiesta Mandala encourages us to find the Light of God (joy) in EVERYTHING and CELEBRATE!


ps: Learn more about Donna Eden’s Energy Tapping from her book: Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality


joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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