Week 10: Crystalite


Crystalite Mandala Design

“All life starts with one simple thought. Let me go where it leads me.

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using color pencils

Crystalite Mandala - 12" Diameter
Crystalite Mandala – 12″ Diameter

I created this design as part of a ‘Call To Artist’ event for the 2004 da Vinci Days poster contest. The design started as an abstract image of a tree (or as others have described it: the Star Trek communicator pin). I repeated that pattern 12 times, putting one behind the other, each 30 degrees to the left of the previous one; fanning them out…similar to when you take a stack of napkins and twist down on them.

While this looks like a simple design, it was actually quite challenging to draw and color. The top few repetitions of the pattern can be easily seen; however the ones ‘further behind’ become more difficult to draw and color because I had to imagine where the related sections were in order keep the design and colors straight.

The Message

Pick a thought, go one direction. Pick another thought, go another direction. Pick a third thought, go yet another direction. Which ones do we follow? Which ones do we ignore?

Each thought has it’s own intentions. They can either serve us or distract us. Some come from our little self, others come from our Higher Self. How do we know which ones are which?

The Transcending Consciousness blog site has an interesting post differentiating the two: www.transcendingconsciousness.com/1/post/2012/09/little-self-higher-self-integration.html

Dr. Alice Chan offers up her own personal experience regarding the two in her blog post entitled “Who’s Driving: Ego or Higher Self”…and she reveals ways to determine who’s talking in her:  “Who’s Talking? Part One” and “Who’s Talking? Part Two” posts. Both are very helpful.

The best way to improve our skills of discerning who’s talking is to be aware of our thoughts as often as possible. Studies have shown that we can have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day! How many of these do we catch? How many of these help us? How many of these are just a rehashing of old warn-out thoughts that stopped serving us long ago?

Often times we become lost and confused in our thoughts, trying to figure out what to do as if forever stuck on a hamster wheel…going nowhere fast!

The “Crystalite” mandala reminds us to be crystal clear with our thoughts:

  1. pay attention to each thought (this gets easier with time and practice)
  2. determine the source of the thought (little self or higher self)
  3. decide what to do about it
  4. act on it (by changing the thought or following through on the thought )
  5. pay attention to the next thought

Most times we find ourselves stuck in the “deciding” step. We tend to put off whatever the thought is until it’s completely in our face, demanding our attention. As we become more comfortable with discerning the source of our thoughts, making decisions about them becomes easier.

We will always have thoughts. Our job is to detect which ones to let fly and which ones to act upon…letting us go wherever it wants to lead us.


Where Can You Find “Crystalite”

Original Artwork

  • part of a private collection



  • Crystalite Collection
    • Square Full-Color Art or Canvas Prints
    • Posters w/Message
    • Full-Color Greeting Cards (w or w/o message)


  • Crystalite Collection
    • Full-Color Clothing (shirts, jackets, etc)
    • Greeting Cards (5×7, 4×6, w & w/o message): Full-Color, B/W Cards to Color
    • Prints and Gifts

Red Bubble

  • Crystalite Collection
    • Color-Your-Own Cards – w/ and w/o affirmation
    • Paint-Your-Own T-Shirt (black design on light t-shirts)
    • T-Shirts: White designs on Dark T-shirts
    • Full-Color T-Shirts
    • Paint/Color-Your-Own Prints (black design on white canvas or print)
    • Full Color Square Prints


  • Crystalite Collection
    • Mugs: Paint-Your-Own and Full-Color (w/ or w/o message)
    • Full Color Greeting Cards (w/ and w/o affirmation)
    • Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards (w/ and w/o affirmation)
    • White Mandala on Dark Grey Greeting Cards
    • Full Color Pendants (w/o affirmation)
    • Full Color T-Shirts

Want “Crystalite” On a Different Product?

While viewing these shops, if you prefer “Crystalite” to be on a different product, let me know. I’m happy to accommodate other options/ideas.

Thank you for your consideration and your continued support.

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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