17-48: The Astrological Sign of Sagittarius

Astrology Sign Scorpio - The Sagittarius - The Mandala Lady

In 2012 I created a series of Hyperbolic Tessellation Mandalas for the 12 signs of Astrology. I self-published them into a Mandalas to Color Calendar for 2013: Astrological Signs.

I plan to color all the signs by the end of the year. This week I continue with the sign of Sagittarius.

About The Astrological Sign of  Sagittarius

For all of the signs I used their glyph symbol as the tessellated pattern within the mandala. The glyph of Sagittarius represents the arrow of the archer.

For Sagittarius, it’s all about broadening our horizons, going beyond where we’ve gone before, and experiencing new-to-us things. The thrill of experiencing adventures far exceeds the temporary joy of accumulating things.

The glyph for Sagittarius represents the arrow in flight, aiming high into the sky. The house where Sagittarius rules in our astrological natal chart tells us in what area of our life it would serve us best to aim high, go beyond our wildest dreams, to explore and open our minds to new ideas and experiences.

Ultimate it’s giving us permission to go out and play!

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and rules the ninth house of long distant travel, publishing, philosophy, and higher education. It’s a fire element (passion, initiator) and a mutable quality (flexible, go with the flow).

This mandala’s message to us:

“Time to explore, go beyond where ever we’ve gone before. Travel, read books outside our comfort zone, explore beyond our own beliefs. Open our minds to an infinitesimal world of ideas, cultures…from the mundane to the exotic. It’s all as close to you as the nearest library or internet search engine.”

About the Mandalas of the Week

Each week I choose one of my existing mandala paintings that wants to be upgraded OR create a new one and post it here. Throughout the week, I paint/draw/color/collage/etc it and post my progress on the Mandala of the Day. I post the upgraded version later in the week.

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

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