17-22: Veggies Mandala

Veggies Mandala to Color - designed by me (Maureen Frank)
Veggies Mandala to Color – designed by me (Maureen Frank)

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This energized mandala design,Veggies, incorporates patterns I found in slices of radishes, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Within the slices of veggies (as well as fruits) we find different forms of seeds in an effort to perpetuate its existence, to exponentially create more versions of itself.

Metaphorically, we think of seeds as thoughts or ideas that we intend to plant and cultivate. Unfortunately, we often hold onto these seeds waiting for the “perfect” time to plant them that has yet to arrive. And even when we plant the seeds, we keep digging them up to see what’s going on, instead of allowing it to germinate on its own divine timeline.

This week’s mandala encourages us to trust in our “seeds’, to plant them and allow them to thrive and grow to their full potential. As we color this mandala, connect with these seeds, to energize them, and to bring them to life…one seed at a time.

This Week…

“Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower.” ~ Shigenori Kameoka, director of The Shinto Moral Training Society

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

I would REALLY LOVE and appreciate seeing your colorings, and reading about your experiences…so please post in the comments below. Thanks 🙂

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