17-19: Spirals Mandala

Spirals Mandala to Color - designed by me (Maureen Frank)
Spirals Mandala to Color
– designed by me (Maureen Frank)

Download Mandala of the Week #19

This week we play with lots of spirals with the most prominent one being the celtic spiral. I find it fascinating that the spiral can represent going inward as well as expanding outward and yet they are the same path.

We’re often think we’re going in circles, always coming back to where we started. If we looked more closely at it, we’d find that while it may look like we’re back at square one, we’re actually looking at it from a slightly different perspective and with a little more insight than the last time we were there…thus creating a spiral. And once we “get whatever it is we keep ‘circling’ around” we slide out of that spiral and glide into another one…in every expanding spirals. So relax and enjoy the ride. Besides, traversing in straight lines is boring. 🙂

From Whats-Your-Sign.com:

…the spiral symbol can represent the path leading from outer consciousness (materialism, external awareness, ego, outward perception) to the inner soul (enlightenment, unseen essence, nirvana, cosmic awareness). Movements between the inner (intuitive, intangible) world and the outer (matter, manifested) world are mapped by the spiraling of archetypal rings; marking the evolution of humankind on both an individual and collective scale.

… the spiral symbol can represent the consciousness of nature beginning from the core or center and thus expanding outwardly.

This Week…

“The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals.” ~ Madame de Stael

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

I would REALLY LOVE and appreciate seeing your colorings, and reading about your experiences…so please post in the comments below. Thanks 🙂

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