16-06: Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun Mandala by Maureen Frank

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Here Comes the Sun

Download this week’s Mandala of the Week

This week we become the observers of our life, as if directing a play; a rather unusual play because all the characters are played by various parts of ourselves. And up until now we’ve been performing without a script! We’re taking a look at how we play out these characters and then, like a director, we are going to give instructions to that “actor” on how best to portray that character.

When acting in a play or movie, the actor shines best when s/he totally immerses themselves into the character, to actually become the character s/he is portraying. In an effort to let our full light shine, we can look at ALL of our characters, to give instructions and direction on how best we want that character to shine.

This Week…

Imagine yourself sitting in a theater. You are the director. In front of you is a script for a wonderful play. Before the dialogue/action even begins, and as part of the script, the playwright provides information about each of the characters in this play. The cast of characters are off stage waiting in the wings.

One by one shine the spotlight on each character as then come out on stage. Have them do their part for you. What do you like about how this character is portrayed? How would you direct this person to improve the character? How can this character shine?

Examples of Characters:

  • your workplace self
  • your home life self
  • the you that hangs out with friends
  • the you that is among strangers at an event
  • the you when hanging around family
  • your alone self
  • your self with your spouse/partner
  • your self with your bestest friend
  • your self with someone you despise
  • your self in a new experience
  • your angry self
  • your happy/joyous self
  • your sad self
  • your worry self

Use the round “orbs” in the mandala to express the new and improved version of each character. Have more characters than orbs? Add more orbs to the mandala or around the outside of the mandala.

BTW…let go of the notion of thinking that all these characters have to be pollyanna type characters…unless that’s truly how you feel. For instance, it’s okay to have your angry self…we all have it. What we’re looking at is how do we want our angry self to be portrayed? As someone who goes off in an unconscious rage or someone who recognizes when they are angry, allows it to be expressed and knows how to move through it.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady



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