Week 27: Shine On

“Shine On”

Shine On Mandala

“As above, so below. One with the other. All ways as one. Always.

I created one full-color version using watercolors:

Shine On Mandala
Shine On Mandala – 36″ x 36″

Many of my designs start with an idea popping into my head, which I quickly draw out in my small sketchbook. When I was looking for a new design to paint in 2007, I browsed through my sketchbook and spotted this design which I completely forgot I had. Unfortunately I failed to note the inspiration for this design. I just knew when I spotted it, that I had paint it.

The overall look of this mandala reminds me of a star portal, a stargate, that is fully open, allowing us a view of a world with two suns. The vertical square tube feels like a place where you could jump into, like jumping into a worm hole. Wanna go for a ride?

The Message

Shine On reminds us that what’s going on in our inner world is projected to our outer world. If we dislike what’s going on in our outer world, we need only go into our inner world to change it.

Change on the outside without changing on the inside only creates a temporary fix, a band-aid over a symptom; overlooking the source of the turmoil. It may look like we’re doing something and yet the inner turmoil persists only to express itself in yet another form…like playing “smash the mole.”

Best to just stop what we’re doing, right now. Take a good honest look at our situation, at our lives and what we’ve created. Instead of trying to fix the outer issue or blaming circumstances outside of ourselves, look inward to see where is this issue playing out internally.

  • If we seem to keep dealing with people who are dishonest, where in our lives are we dishonest?
  • If keep finding ourselves in stressful situations, what’s our role in it…where do we have internal stress?
  • If we always seem to be around inconsiderate people, where in our lives are we inconsiderate?

So what keeps us from going inward? Fear? Doubt? Maybe we think the answer within will tell us something that feels overwhelming for us to do or beyond what we think we’re capable of doing. When in fact if we were to follow that inner guidance, we’d be much happier and more at peace in the end.

It is safe to look within. The inner creates the outer – always. – Louise Hay

In our western culture we put high value on the brain and all it can do; that our brains are much better at figuring things than our heart/soul/intuition. And yet we’ve all read stories where a solution to a problem came through in a dream, an ‘accident’, or some other serendipitous activity.

‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them’ -Albert Einstein

Go within to receive the guidance. Then use the mind and our outer resources to put that guidance into action.

Imagine how many more issues we would resolve if we spent more time exploring our inner world (through our dreams, meditation, walk in the woods, creative activities, etc.).



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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