Week 26: Cosmic Sunflower

“Cosmic Sunflower”

Cosmic Sunflower

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using markers:

Cosmic Sunflower - 7" diameter
Cosmic Sunflower – 7″ diameter

The “Cosmic Sunflower” mandala displays a simplified pattern (an oval with 8 protruding rays) repeated in fractal form in the upper and lower left sides of each ‘sunflower’, as it goes off the page into infinity.

The Message

Cosmic Sunflower reminds us that we are all multi-dimensional beings, far more than what we see on the surface. We go beyond the infinite both internally and externally, without beginning, without ending.

With each level of our being-ness resides another dimension of ourselves; layers upon layers, experiences upon experiences, lifetimes upon lifetimes.

We think our existence consists of only that which we experience within our human form; figuring that what we do and say have very little, if any, effect on those around us. Au contraire!

Our actions create a ripple effect that spans across ALL dimensions, time and space included. The question becomes, do we want to add value to people’s lives or take it away? When we set the intention to add value, we immediately change our perspective and our actions follow suit.

When we find ourselves lost, confused, fearful, or stuck in our own little world that we created for ourselves, we loose sight of the bigger picture, the vastness of who we are, both individually and collectively.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein

Take the time to step away from the situation (either literally or figuratively) to see it from the perspective of the observer…without any emotional attachment, just the facts. Explore answers to these questions:

  • What’s really going on here?
  • How can I see this differently?
  • What can I do to improve the situation?

Seek within for guidance. Ask to be shown how. Pay attention to the answers…they come in many forms (dreams, synchronicities, out-of-the-blue thoughts, etc.)

Know that we are very powerful beings. Remember the vastness of our existence and the ripple effects of our actions. When we understand this on a conscious level and set the intention to change people’s lives for the better, all existence, including our own, and all dimensions change exponentially for the better.

What a wonderful world this would be.



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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