Week 21: Ahna


Ahna Mandala

“There is peace in knowing that you are always there for me

For this mandala design, I created three full-color versions:

Ahna Mandala #1 - 12" Diameter, Color Pencils
Ahna Mandala #1 – 12″ Diameter, Color Pencils

Ahna Mandala #2 - 4" Diameter, Color Pencils
Ahna Mandala #2 – 4″ Diameter, Color Pencils

Ahna Mandala #3 - 4" Diameter, Markers
Ahna Mandala #3 – 4″ Diameter, Markers

In June 2002, I had a reading done by a spirit medium who told me about my spirit guide of creativity. Her name is Ahna (Ahna is really androgynous; however I like to think of her as female). I felt compelled to create a mandala for her; to bring her into form.

When I sat down to create the design, this image immediately came to mind. If you look closely you’ll see 12 versions of her. She’s standing, wearing a long, hooded robe, with arms spread out, holding unseen hands, and having an oblong face/head.

The Message

“Ahna” asks to take a look at the different areas in our lives where we are struggling and could use some help.

Unfortunately, our culture seems to buy into the notion that living by the “we can do it ourselves” mentality serves us best; that it is a sign of weakness to ask for help…when in reality it takes courage and strength to ask for assistance.

Remember…there are those around us both on the earth plane and beyond that are joyfully waiting for the opportunity to help us. All we need do is ask.

When we go with the “go it alone” mentality we actually deprive others this opportunity to be of service. Yes we run the risk of people rejecting our plea for help and that’s okay. Therefore, in asking for help we have to allow others the option to say no…they can only do what they can do. Bless them in either case.

When it comes to asking for help from our higher self, spirit guides and/or angels, we make best use of their services by asking them for clarity and understanding in any given situation.

For instance…

  • Instead of asking “when will I meet my soul mate?”,  ask “why am I single at this time?”
  • Instead of asking “what’s my purpose?”, ask “what gift(s) do I have to offer that can help others?”
  • Instead of asking “how can I make more money?”, ask “what am I doing or failing to do that is keeping money away from me?”

When we put forth clarity questions like these, then it becomes our task to pay attention to everything around us for the answers. They can come in any number of ways such as dreams or coincidences (a line in a movie or song that appears to jump out at us, seeing an poster for a workshop on the very topic we questioned, or meeting someone who has gone through the very same thing, and so on).

Also doing creative activities like vision boards, coloring, journaling, or mind mapping with the question in mind, helps open our creative, intuitive side so that we may receive the answers we seek.

With that in mind, Ahna asks…how can I help you?



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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