Week 16: Star Power

“Star Power”

Star Power Mandala

“I have the power to move mountains with one single thought.
Let me choose wisely.”

For this mandala design, I created two full-color versions using color pencils

Star Power Mandala #1
Star Power Mandala #1 – 12″ Diameter

Star Power Mandala #2
Star Power Mandala #2 – 4″ Diameter

I create many of my mandalas by just putting pencil to paper, free of any preconceived idea or design. They seem to create themselves on the paper before my eyes. For “Star Power” I started with a simple pattern in the middle and it just grew outward from there.

In the coloring of these two versions, I wanted to show how changing colors and the style of coloring, changes the look of the mandala design. By putting shadows around the 3 angular circles in version #1 and giving them a different color from the gold lines radiating out from the center, they appear to be floating above the mandala. Without shadows and then coloring them the same color as the radiating outward lines, as in version #2, the angular circles look like they are part of the whole structure. In version #1, the main body of the mandala is blue with gold borders/lines. In version #2, the main body is yellow/gold with blue borders/lines. In #1, the outer ‘fans’ are blue/green with red centers; while in #2, the outer fans are yellow->red with green centers.

What interesting color combinations would you want to try?

The Message

“Star Power” reminds us that our thoughts have power and with that power comes responsibility.

So with regard to the first aspect of this mandala, “our thoughts have power”, we need to realize, first of all, that our thoughts are neutral. Their power comes into play when we give them any amount of attention. They can cause us to move forward, backward, or stay stuck. They can cause us to be fearful, joyful, sad, happy, indifferent.

With the second aspect of this mandala, “with that power comes responsibility”, we need to realize the consequences of the thoughts we choose to follow and the ones we choose to ignore. If we continue to support thoughts that negatively affect us (I’m not good enough, no one likes my work, I’ll never reach my goal, etc.) then these thoughts will continue to keep is stuck, fearful, and down.

However if we choose to support thoughts that motivate and inspire us (I can do this, I love and accept myself the way I am, etc.) then we’ll experience more peace and joy, thus allowing us to be ever closer to living our lives to our full potential.


  • Are we choosing to ignore or follow through on thoughts that keep us stuck?
  • Are we choosing to ignore or follow though on thoughts that keep us in fear?
  • Are we choosing to ignore or follow through on thoughts that encourage us to prosper and grow?

Today Louise L. Hay just happened to post this very timely thought on Facebook:

You know, ALL OF LIFE IS THINKING! No matter what you are doing, or not doing, you are thinking. Your thoughts shape your life! This is why it is so important that we all learn to take control of our thinking. We are just beginning to learn the significance of this concept. Thinking is a natural law. Our thoughts create our experiences. What we think about is what we get.

So let us pay attention and choose our thoughts wisely.



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady



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