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Starting Sunday, January 3, 2016, a simple mandala design will be posted for all of us to color that coordinates with the weekly theme of my “Mandala of the Day” blog.

Please feel free to download and color it. And I would LOVE IT!!! if you shared your colorings in the comments of each weekly mandala posting. On Thursdays, I’ll be showcasing one of your colorings on the Mandala of the Day!

Happy Coloring!

PRIOR TO 2016…

Falcon Mandala
Falcon Mandala

Where I showcase one of my mandalas each week, offering:

  • its story
  • its message/meaning
  • an image of the design and any versions I’ve painted
  • links to sites where you can buy the mandala on a variety of products including:
    • mandala coloring books
    • full-color prints
    • color-your-own prints
    • full-color greeting cards
    • color-your-own greeting cards
    • full-color shirts
    • paint-your-own shirts
    • full-color mugs
    • paint-your-own mugs
    • full-color pendants

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joyfully, Maureen
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