Week 15: Oh Tannenbaum

“Oh Tannenbaum”

Oh Tannenbaum

“Choirs of angels sing hallelujah! Let us join them in song!”

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using markers

Oh Tannenbaum
Oh Tannenbaum – 4″ Diameter

This is the first of my annual winter holiday mandalas that I started in 2004. My initial idea was to place 12  trees around the circle with their tops touching a multi-faceted star in the center, with each tree sharing ornaments at the ends of their branches. When I completed the design, however, another image appeared in the design: in the bottom half I could see the trees, however, on the top half I saw an abstract representation of a choir of angels, with the “ornaments” being their heads and the “branches” being their wings . What a delightful surprise!

In choosing the colors for this full-color version, I paired up complementary colors: red & green, orange & blue, and yellow & purple. The ornaments were done with spiraling colors. If the bottom ornament was red, then on the next tree pairing the second ornament from the bottom was red; and so on.

The Message

“Oh Tannenbaum” reminds us of the interconnectedness of us all. We may think that the idea of us all ‘being connected’ is a bad thing…that in some way we lose our individuality, our spirit. Sometimes we resist it so much that we go out of our way to be “independent” or as different as possible; losing our real identity in the process.

“Oh Tannenbaum” shows us that we can be connected while still maintaining our individuality. And in fact it is our individuality that creates a more interesting pattern when we all come together. How can we translate this into our every day lives? We do it by first accepting ourselves as the individuals that we really are and then accepting everyone else as the individuals that they really are…all of us equally worthy of being present here together.

At the same time this mandala reminds us of our interconnectedness with those beyond this physical plane to the realm of our angels. They help us, guide us, and cheer us on whether we are open to the idea of their presence or think it’s all just a bunch of hooey. We can choose to ignore them or we can choose to work with them. Either way, they support us and love us unconditionally.

How can we go about working with them? One way is to set an intention of connecting with them in order to ask them for guidance: such as… “I would like to connect with my angels with the intention of asking for some help”. This can be done out loud, in your head or by writing it down…whatever feels comfortable. Then we can go ahead and ask for the help we want. Once it’s put out there, it just a matter of paying attention for the answer and being open whatever way it can come to us.

Sometimes the help/answer will come right away; other times it will come in a few days or so. And it can come to us in any number of ways… in our dreams, in something we read, by serendipitously seeing someone unexpectedly, getting phone calls/texts/emails from out of the blue, etc. The more we practice this the faster and easier the help will come because we’ll become more in tuned with our angels and the various ways they communicate with us…often times using the people we come in contact with on any given day.

“Tannenbaum” means fir tree. And just as the fir tree is ever green, year in and year out, so too are our angels there for us year in and year out…ever helpful, ever joyous, ever loving.

Hallelujah! Let us join them in song!


Where Can You Find “Oh Tannenbaum”

Original Artwork

  • sold to a private collection



  • Oh Tannenbaum Collection
    • Square Full-Color Art or Canvas Prints
    • Posters w/Message
    • Full-Color Greeting Cards (w or w/o message)


  • Oh Tannenbaum Collection
    • Full-Color Clothing (shirts, jackets, etc)
    • Greeting Cards (5×7, 4×6, w & w/o message): Full-Color, B/W Cards to Color
    • Prints and Gifts

Red Bubble

  • Oh Tannenbaum Collection
    • Color-Your-Own Cards – w/ and w/o affirmation
    • Paint-Your-Own T-Shirt (black design on light t-shirts)
    • T-Shirts: White designs on Dark T-shirts
    • Paint/Color-Your-Own Prints (black design on white canvas or print)
    • Full Color Square Prints


  • Oh Tannenbaum Collection
    • Mugs: Paint-Your-Own and Full-Color (w/ or w/o message)
    • Full Color Greeting Cards (w/ and w/o affirmation)
    • Color-Your-Own Greeting Cards (w/ and w/o affirmation)
    • White Mandala on Dark Grey Greeting Cards
    • Full Color Pendants (w/o affirmation)

Want “Oh Tannenbaum” On a Different Product?

While viewing these shops, if you prefer “Oh Tannenbaum” to be on a different product, let me know. I’m happy to accommodate other options/ideas.

Thank you for your consideration and your continued support.

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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