Week 3: Sacred


"Sacred" Mandala Design

“From my center comes my joy.
From my center comes my truth.
Let me connect with my sacred center.”

For this mandala design, I created one full-color version using color pencils on black paper.

"Sacred" Mandala - Full Color
“Sacred” Mandala – Full Color 12″ Diameter

I created the “Sacred” mandala for the “2004 How I See the Sacred” art show Corvallis, Oregon at the First United Methodist Church. I was just finishing the coloring of another mandala when all of a sudden the design of this mandala popped into my head. I immediately drew it out. The outer pattern looks like either the glow from a candle flame or an angel’s halo. The inner part has the look of something you would see in stained glass or beautiful cut crystal.

The Message

Basically, this mandala reminds us that we are responsible for our own joy, our own peace, our own truth…in comes from within. When we rely on other people, possessions, our jobs, circumstances outside of ourselves to dictate our joy, our peace, our truth we fall prey to the whims of these very same entities.

We are all strong, vibrant, healthy spiritual beings at our core experiencing this world in human form. Any damages, sufferings, and negativity we experience is due to our veils of interpretations of outside factors that tend to hide our sacredness as well as the sacredness of others.

On a daily basis we need to remind ourselves of our sacredness and the sacredness of others regardless of their and our outward actions and behavior. When we see others behaving in ways that seem contrary to their sacredness we just need to remember that this is a person in pain reaching out for love and compassion in the only way s/he knows how. And sometimes the best way to show compassion is to honor their choices without judging them, feeling like we have to fix them or even being around them…unless they ask for our help.

Likewise we must also show this same compassion to ourselves. When we act in ways that seem contrary to our sacredness, rather than condemning ourselves, we need to realize that we are acting out of pain. From this place we can then determine what it is we need to do next: stay in pain or choose something different.

Ultimately, when we focus on connecting with our own sacredness, letting go of anything that blinds us to this fact, we will then know our sacred joy, our sacred peace, our sacred truth.



joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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