Week 1: Re


Re Mandala

“From within, I find my true source,
my power, my energy. Let it Shine!”

For this mandala design, I created four full-color versions all using color pencils.
Select the image to view the larger version.

This is one of the first mandala designs I created after our 1999 trip to Egypt, It’s pronounced ‘rah’. It was inspired by the hieroglyphics I saw on the ceiling of Hathor’s Temple in Dendara. It depicts the sun with pulsating rays coming out from one section of the sun. Until I can dig out my own photo of the ceiling, you can view the ceiling from this photo I found on the web.

Hathor's Temple Ceiling
Hathor’s Temple Ceiling

The Message

This mandala asks us to go within…for that is where we find the source of our true power. When we rely on outside influences, we often find ourselves at the mercy and whims of others, circumstances out of our control, and hidden agendas.

We’ll take a look at two aspects of this idea of “going within.”

  1. inner voice / mental voice
  2. inner state of being


The inner voice (IV), the guidance voice, usually speaks in short phrases: “go left”, “call your dad”, “take this class”, “stay home”, etc. The mental voice (MV) usually speaks with phrases starting with “I”:  “I want/need to…”, “I don’t want go…”, “I can’t…”, “I have to…”, etc.

Both of these voices play valid roles in our lives, however, we tend to overlook the IV and listen only to the MV. As a general rule, the IV offers us guidance while the MV offers a plan of action to implement the guidance. We often hear the IV as a passing thought to which the MV usually responds in support of it or against it.

Scenario 1:

IV: take the umbrella
MV: I don’t want to it’s not suppose to rain

Later in the day we realize that we should have taken the umbrella

Scenario 2:

IV: take the umbrella
MV: OK…where is it? it’s in the front closet. Go to the closet, pick up the umbrella, and bring it along

Later in the day we’re glad we brought the umbrella

Our challenge becomes discerning between the two and trusting the IV. We usually let our minds do all the thinking when in actuality it really just wants to be the implementor. Start practicing with small things like which way to go to find a good parking spot or what’s the next thing I need to do, etc. Then work up to the bigger things.

Keep in mind that we may start out with more misses than hits. And often times what may start out as a “miss” may bring about an unexpected opportunity (blessing) that we would have otherwise missed had we disregarded the IV.

The Process:

  1. ask for guidance
  2. be still
  3. pay attention: which voice is talking? IV or MV
  4. take action accordingly
  5. repeat


In this instance, the “Re” mandala reminds us to go within whenever things outside ourselves cause us to disconnect with our own inner peace and joy. Our society tends to think that the only way we can feel better about anything is to look for some external source for relief: shopping, eating, alcohol, partying, TV, etc. Unfortunately, outer relief is only temporary.

Ultimately, we are responsible for our reactions to our thoughts…we control our inner state of being…regardless of what anyone says or does.  If we want to change how we feel, we must start with changing our minds about our thoughts and adjust accordingly.

Buddhists have a saying: “pain is inevitable…suffering is optional”. At some point (or many points) in our lives we will experience various levels of pain…however we can choose how we want to react to it.

The Process:

  1. how do I feel right now?
  2. do I want to continue to feel this way?
  3. no
    1. take a deep breath
    2. pick a new thought
    3. feel it
  4. yes
    1. yay! continue on
  5. repeat

Here too, start small and practice. While going from sad to joyful in one change of thought is possible, it may be easier to go from sad to feeling hopeful with one thought change.

When in doubt, just go within.

May your life be filled a joyful heart and a peaceful mind.


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joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


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