23-14 Practice, Practice, Practice

Download and color this week’s
Mandala of the Week

This week’s MotW is inspired by Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”, namely Principle #16: Be Willing To Pay The Price. He states “Behind every great achievement is a story of education, training, practice, discipline, and sacrifice. You have to be willing to pay the price….the willingness to do what’s required adds that extra dimension to the mix that helps you persevere in the face of overwhelming challenges, setbacks, pain, and even personal injury.”

Until I started writing this post, I didn’t make the connection between this week’s principle and the complexity of this week’s MotW design. Because of the detail in it, it will take longer and more discipline to color this in seven different times. But if that’s what it’s going to take, then that’s what it’s going to take.

Over the next seven days, I’ll be delving deeper into this principle via multiple colorings of this mandala and posting them on the Mandalas of the Day. My plan this week is to do the work that’s required to make my goals a reality.

So how about you? Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to practice? Are you will to do what it takes?

“I know you’ve heard it
a thousand times before.
But it’s true – hard work pays off.
If you want to be good,
you have to
practice, practice, practice.
If you don’t love something,
then don’t do it.”

— Ray Bradbury


The Mandala Lady
All Things Mandalas

An Invitation

I invite you to color along with me this year as part of what I’m calling “The Year of Self-Exploration and Expansion” with all of my “Mandalas of the ___” (day, week, month, year). If you’re interested in a more self-exploration approach to coloring, check out my “Coloring Mandalas as Meditation”. 


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