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Download and color this week’s
Mandala of the Week

This week’s MotW is inspired by Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”, Principle #6: Become an Inverse Paranoid. He states: “…there is growing research that the vibrations of positive expectation that successful people give off actuallly attract to them the very experiences they believe they are going to get.” For me I call this setting intention and I’ve been “playing” with it for a while now. With this principle, I’m sensing that it’s time for me to kick it up a notch. I tend to go at it on a smaller scale and have found it works. Now it’s time to apply it to the bigger things I want to create for myself.

Here’s one of my favorite examples. A while back I had to go to our local Social Security office (walk-in, no appointment). A friend suggested I get there 30 minutes before their doors open. Four people were already there ahead of me when I arrived. While I waited, I set the intention (and visualized it) that would be walking out of their offices, with a smile on my face within one hour of them opening. 30 minutes after they opened, I was walking out the door with a smile on my face. My issue was quickly and easily resolved.

I’ve learned that when setting intention, to declare the what and let the Universe take care of the how.

Over the next seven days, I’ll be delving deeper into this principle via multiple colorings of this mandala and posting them on the Mandalas of the Day. I hope by the end of the week to have a better sense of Jack’s take on this principle.

So how about you? Do you always expect the worse? Do you set intentions for what you want to happen? What would happen if you practiced expected the best?

“Imagine how much easier
it would be to succeed in life
if you were constantly expecting
the world to support you
and bring you opportunity.
Successful people do just that.”

— Jack Canfield


The Mandala Lady

An Invitation

I invite you to color along with me this year as part of what I’m calling “The Year of Self-Exploration and Expansion” with all of my “Mandalas of the ___” (day, week, month, year). If you’re interested in a more self-exploration approach to coloring, check out my “Coloring Mandalas as Meditation”. 


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