22-32 Phases

“Excellence implies
striving for the highest standards
in every phase of life.”

— John W. Gardner

“You cannot move on
to a new phase in life
if you bring your old baggage
with you, let the bad go,
and move onto the new.”

— Patrick Read Johnson

“Learn to appreciate the caterpillar
and the whole process of metamorphosis!
The beauty and lightness
of the butterfly
only exist after
going through these phases.” 

— Karina Fonseca Azevedo

This week’s MotW reminds us that all through life we go through phases, one phase leading into another. Our challenge becomes appreciating each and every one of them for they are what brought us to where we are today. We are especially encouraged to embrace our current phase…and it is a phase…know that it will eventually lead us to another and then another, whether on this realm or the next.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this (wet on wet progress & finished but still wet):


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