22-28 Around the Block

“Still round the corner
there may wait,
A new road
or a secret gate.”

— J.R.R. Tolkien

“Your victory
is right around the corner.
Never give up.”

— Nicki Minaj

“All great achievements
require time.”

— Maya Angelou

This week’s MotW reminds us that sometimes what we’re waiting for is just around the corner and that patience on our part is in order. It helps to know that often times the ”hold up” is really something as simple as ”it’s on its way, things are just not in place yet”.

When these times occur, when it feels like we’ve done everything we can, and we’re waiting for something to happen, breathe into it, trust that it’s coming, and know that things are happening behind the scenes that are out of our line of sight and out of our control.

And when we have one of those ”difficult to be patient” times, we advise taking a walk around the block…for a change in perspective, for releasing stress, and to viscerally experience the concept of something being ”just around the corner.”


The Mandala Lady

btw…phase 1:


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