22-03 Why

What’s Your Why

He who has a why to live for
can bear almost any how.
― Friedrich Nietzsche

For true success
ask yourself these four questions:
Why not?
Why not me?
Why not now?
— James Allen

Why you?
Because there is no one better.
Why now?

Because tomorrow isn’t soon enough.
— Donna Brazile 

This week’s MotW encourages us to figure out our why(s). If we want to have a greater understanding of our purpose, our inspiration, our choices…ask “why?”. Why do I want this? Why do I want to do this? Is it ego-based? Or coming from the heart.

A great example of a more “ego-based” why, I was listening to a young girl telling a reporter that she wanted to be the first woman president. It was more important to her to have the specialness of being the first one rather than wanting to serve her country as president regardless of how many women presidents came before her.

On the opposite end, is someone like Greta Thunberg who truly wants to be a catalyst for environmental change. Her fame because of it is secondary and now she uses that fame to better promote her cause.

My “why” for the mandala of the week is because

  1. I want to explore creating mandalas in a more abstract, non-traditional way using water-based media
  2. Tune in more with my spiritual team to receive and share their messages to a broader audience
  3. To personally gain inspiration from it throughout the week

Determining “what’s our why” in all that we do helps us to discern that which serves ego and that which serves truth; thus, what to release and what to pursue.


The Mandala Lady

btw here’s this mandala after the first painting phase…


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