22-01 Play

This year the Mandalas of the Week will take on a more abstract, loose, free-form, look; more like spontaneous paintings. I plan to create them with some form of water-based media. With each mandala will be a short message or insight that best serves us at this time.

This week we’re encouraged to play with our structures and routines, to loosen up, to push the envelop, push beyond our comfort zones. For me with this painting, I wanted so badly to add lines and details, instead I was guided to keep it loose, free of constraints. It was a good exercise and I look forward to doing more of them throughout the year.

Some ideas for ”playing around with structures and routines”:

  • eat with chopsticks where you would normally use a fork
  • use your non-dominant hand more (brushing teeth, eating, opening jars, painting, etc)
  • take a different route to work, for errands, walking, running, hiking
  • have breakfast for dinner (or vice versa)
  • change up the order you do your chores
  • change up the order of your exercise routine
  • dress up for dinner….at home
  • sleep on a different side of the bed
  • add different spices to recipes you already make
  • use different color pens
  • color outside the lines
  • color without ANY lines

Basically we’re taking a look at our routines and seeing how we can play with them, mix them up a bit. It’s an excellent way to jump-start our creativity in all areas of our lives.

btw…here’s how I progressed through this mandala:


The Mandala Lady


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