17-31: Traveling Along the Space Hwy Mandala

Traveling Along the Space Hwy Mandala
Traveling Along the Space Hwy Mandala

This mandala started out as a “Happenings” piece, where I place drops of different color inks onto damp-to-slightly-wet watercolor paper. In this case, though, I added a “resist” (something to keep the color from the paper): dry black beans. Yes you read that correctly.

Amazingly, when the ink/paper dried, some of the ink colors were soaked up by the dry beans AND the black from the black beans spread out on the paper. So all the ebony areas of this pieces came from the beans!

Because the beans soaked up most of the colors, most of those colors were muted. So I went into phase 2 of this process: adding embellishments – in this case: color pencils. With each color section, I chose pencil colors true to the color area.

In the end the whole piece (8.5″) looked like something microscopic, or something galactic. I chose the latter. Hence the title: Traveling Along the Space Hwy.

About “Traveling Along the Space Hwy”

This mandala encourages us to be explorers: both of our inner world and our outer world. And since our outer world is really a reflection OF our inner world, we need only explore the inner.

If we struggle with where we’re going, change our course from within and while we’re at it, instead of dreading the journey, make it an adventure. Be the navigator. So where do we go from here?

About the Mandalas of the Week

Each week I choose one of my existing mandala paintings that wants to be upgraded OR create a new one and post it here. Throughout the week, I paint/draw/color/collage/etc it and post my progress on the Mandala of the Day. I post the upgraded version later in the week.

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

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