16-19: Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire Mandala by Maureen FrankRing of Fire Mandala by Maureen Frank

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While meditating, I saw this mandala as a fire ring that stunt people use to propel themselves through, either by way of a vehicle or just with their bodies alone. It’s usually viewed as a death-defying feat.

This Week…

With this image, see the flames as our fears…daring us and scaring us at the same time. It taunts us with “you don’t have the guts” or “you don’t want to go through this…you’ll get burned”. If we take note of how stunt people go through these fire rings, we see that they do it at a high rate of speed; taking a leap of faith, receiving accolades when they land on the other side.

We can also view the fire (fear) as blocking our view of the rewards that await us once we go through it. It’s so overwhelming at times that we tend to only focus the flames (fears) versus our destination.

With this idea in mind we can do one of four things:

  1. turn around and walk away, to face it another day or go a totally different route
  2. stay there dwelling at the flames
  3. leap through it to the other side
  4. put out the flames and hop through the ring to the other side
  5. walk around the fire ring to the other side, ignoring the flames/stunt completely

Happy Coloring!


The Mandala Lady

I would REALLY LOVE and appreciate seeing your colorings, and reading about your experiences…so please post in the comments below. Thanks 🙂

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