Week 30: Council of Twelve

“Council of Twelve”

Council of Twelve

“Whenever two or more are gathered as one,
the possibilities are endless.

I created two full-color versions using color pencils:

Council of Twelve #1
Council of Twelve #1 – 12″ Diameter
Council of Twelve #2
Council of Twelve #2 – 4″ Diameter

I created this mandala using the Egyptian Ankh symbol. I found that putting them side by side around a circle made them look like a group of 12 people holding hands.

In coloring version #1, I added golden yellow triangles between the “council members”, making the red negative space between them pop. The inner circle feels like a cauldron of energy waiting to manifest in whatever form the “council” chooses to create.

In coloring version #2, I painted this for my husband for our anniversary one year. He loves blues and greens…so I used them throughout the design. I also shaded in the image of a heart in the center by using a blue color pencil.

BTW…he loves his mandala

The Message

Council of Twelve reminds us that we are all in this together. That while we may be all having individual experiences, we’re all experiencing our existence together, at the same time.

We all have our place equally in this world, regardless of outward appearances and circumstances. We’re all given the same amount of hours in a day, we’re all given the same basic body to work with…yes, some may vary here and there due to any number of reasons…in general, though, we all exist in human bodies.

It’s been shown to us over and over again, that when we work together with the intention of serving the highest good of all, amazing things happen.

It’s when our egos, our hurts, our fears, or our prejudices get in the way, that things tend to fall apart; limiting our wholehearted participation in working together as one.

United we stand. Divided we Fall. – Aesop

This mandala shows us that we can maintain our individuality while working together at the same time. We do this by accepting each other as individuals, with all of our idiosyncrasies, our foibles, our strengths,  while letting go of judgments and fears (our own as well as others)…a tall order, and yet very doable. Then when we come together, working with each other’s strengths to rise above any situation, we make this world a better place for all in miraculous ways.

Council of Twelve also reminds us that we are all here to help each other; that we all came here with unique gifts and talents so that we can be of service to others as we all strive to realize our full potential while in human form.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ― Ram Dass

It’s our nature to want to help others. We’ve all seen and heard countless stories of people coming together in times of crisis to help…be it a car accident or a major natural or man-made disaster.

Now if we could just harness that collective energy to apply it to our day-to-day lives…the possibilities of what could be achieved are endless!



  • “Council of Twelve #1” – available for sale
  • “Council of Twelve #2” – sold
  • “Council of Twelve” can by found in my Etsy shop in the Egyptian Mandala Coloring Book

joyfully, Maureen The Mandala Lady



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